Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Defending Jeb Bush


Wed Shevat 22, 5775 12:35PDT

I was fired for being Gay Married.  I was fired for my love.

I'm not using a spell-checker, or software syntax-examiner;  I type my thoughts quickly, post my entries on-line to my blog or Facebook, unedited, as-it-unfolds.  I trust education, and that it prepared the populace to figure-out simple typos/spelling-errors, occassional miswordings or word-skips, without judging, and/or, without one's thoughts being derailed.

There is something about LGBTs that is oftentimes overlooked:  we don't have a 'chapel,' or a 'community center,' there are no "membership cards," and, unlike those that know nothing about us (other than the superstitions, rumormongering) we are not telepaths; if one is told something, the rest are not 'updated' by 'osmosis.'

We do not have the social-network that religious groups have.  We have no special-education; no "common theme" other than what is applicable to all people equally: equality, and justice for all.

I was born-in to a system that claims I cannot have been "born this way," that being Gay is a "lifestyle choice."  I dispute that, vociferously, because hating Gays and Lesbians is a lifestyle choice, and those that 'subscribe' to such ways of thinking, go to churches and 'conservative meetings,' then repeat somebody else's thoughts as if one's own.  That's plagiarism to me.  I think independently.  I think for myself, because I trust my Freewill.

"Conservative" to me, the concept, along with the concept of a "Gay Republican," is perceived by most LGBTs I've ever known or read or heard, as "insanity."  However, the terminology is misunderstood, and, like those that choose a lifestyle that lives in fear and hatred of us, the LGBT 'counterpart' to that is as equally stereotypical;  the only 'equality' we truly have: misunderstandings all around.

So let me explain what I mean when I say that I am a "Gay Republican."  I am what used to be called a "Liberal Republican," before religious fanatics, fringe-movements, molested the word "conservative" into racism, bigotry and religious supremacy.  A Liberal Republican are those with true conservative values.  So, what is "conservative" in context with "Liberal Republican," and does it differ from what is stereotyped as "conservative"?

The 'simple' of it, is like this:  It is not a 'conservative value' to use one's gift of sight, to perceive 'offenses' as excuses to ban, censor, outlaw, and hate someone out of a livelihood.  It is a real, true conservative value to retain one's Freewill to "look away;" to preserve one's Freewill to "avert one's eyes."  (or, change the channel; or not buy a magazine, etc.)

My grasp of "conservative values," therefore, has not been perverted by religious extremism brainwashing LGBTs into a goose-step in lock-step condemnation, excuses to discriminate against another solely based on one's opinions about politics and faith.  Church, church-goers, and Gays of Faith and the entire LGBT community, all have more things in common than "commonly thought."  I strive to remind those around me, regardless of sexual-orientation or religion or politics, of that altruism.

Yes, I could spend many hours, days even, editing, 'perfecting wording,' asking a dozen or so people in how to word my thoughts 'better,' but then it would be their thoughts, not mine.  And it wouldn't be "as it unfolds," but some fake 'mirror' of reality, a 'graven image,' therefore, instead of who and what I truly am.  Born this way.  Naturally.

Qualifications is this letter and all my writings online, decades of defending equality, free-expression  either for or against faith and politics, the fact I passed all five adaptive tests to earn one of the first MCSDs while computer scientists failed (which proves I use resources wisely), and my life-long commitment to defending the sanctity of marriage, which is monogamy, regardless of gender or orientation (otherwise it's privacy-intrusive as excuses to discriminate based solely upon religious-extremism (which is the forcing of others to 'comply' with one's own faith-based viewpoints)).

Lastly, there are many LGBTs that are considered to be "more qualified," but what is the criteria for the claim?  Did the employed LGBT have a meltdown because somebody called them a name, thereby prove that all it takes is a word, a single word, to derail his/her thoughts?  Focus?  Job?  Life?  And, is it a woman, divorced from a man, with children, now claiming she is 'gay' and in a 'lesbian relationship'?  That would be the opposite of the definition so the terminology as she would neither be a 'lesbian' nor a 'gay', but a bisexual, even if she's in a same-sex relationship.  Further, I don't need the 'endorsement' of someone else's opinion in order to function, or work, be it about politics or religion.  Freedom is about retaining one's own personal-relationship with their faith, not a 'right' to deny equal opportunities to those in one.

 -- "For there will never cease to be needy ones in your land, which is why I command you: open your hand to the poor and needy kinsman in your land." Torah DEUTERONOMY 15.22 RE'EH

Kind regards, always,
CLAYTON LEON WINTON , citizen#C03183395
1818 E. 16th Ave., Spokane, WA., 99203

(end:  13:22PDT, total time: approx 45-mins)

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Defending Monogamy

Defending Monogamy :

(begin: Wed Shevat 15, 5775 08:48PDT)

ABC's GMA did a segment this morning about monogamy.  It included a survey of those who think social media may have an impact on monogamous relationships.  Fifty-seven percent of responders think so.

In the real world, the sanctity of marriage is defined by defending monogamy.  It is the foundation of marriage, and Marriage Equality for we Gays must include the same definition, or we are not seeking Equality at all, but some form of "special equality," or "more equality," and there is no such thing.

I have defined, repeatedly, how monogamy, regardless of spelling, is a key-component in defending we Gays from the asymmetrical warfare waged against us.  Now, this is important, pay attention:  in the rural areas, a Gay's "one and only" often comes from the cities, not always but often.  What they know of that individual is what they are told.  And oftentimes that individual is living a double-life, cowering behind a woman in a closet of deception, lying and cheating;  when they are 'done' with their same-sex "encounter," they return to their closet-of-deception, cowering behind their 'woman.'  The lies they told their "straight friends," are the lies they told their "gay friend(s)."  Perhaps different words, different types of excuses, but lies nonetheless.

Rural Gays are often accused of "seducing married men."  The reverse is usually the case.  Further, the liar and cheater, when their closet-of-deception is 'stripped-away,' they make themselves-out as being "victims of their sexuality."  Even if they become involved in a same-sex relationship, after they are divorced by the woman and kids they always lied to, they are not 'gay,' they are Bi-sexual.  These are Bi-sexual issues, not 'gay-issues.'  Gays were lied to, just like 'straights' (Str8s).  And after the liar "comes out," they are still Bi-sexual, not Gay, and once the figurative daylight illuminates their dark deceptive closet and they 'confess,' they are not proving any form of "integrity," they only prove they never had any integrity whatsoever.

Meanwhile, the Rural Gay they lied to, monogamous, is told by their "love" that they are the "one and only," and trusting in that love, become POSITIVE, not just for STDs, but all the stresses and neurosis that goes-along with deception, including higher rates of drug and alcohol abuse and trauma.  The Str8 women and family experience similar outcomes.  That is the only "gay equality" most of the world knows.

That makes Gays more VULNERABLE, to stereotyping and bullying and gay-bashing and discrimination in employment, housing and finance.

The non-monogamous stood before G*d and Country, friends and family, and made a promise and a commitment.  They lied to Church too, see.  Gays didn't.  We did no such thing.  We need protections from the non-monogamous, from Bi-sexuals, from liars from cheaters, just like Str8-spouses, male or female.

Further, the non-monogamous, after proving to have developed only ONE real 'discipline,' i.e., lying and cheating, take that to work with them as well.  They are the first to make-up an excuse on-the-fly; the first to take credit for someone else's accomplishments, the first to blame another, the first to ridicule and scorn in the pathetic attempt at making themselves-out as being "superior/supreme."  They are so 'good' at it, they often rise-above their colleagues, having a lifetime of 'practice' in their closets-of-deception cowering behind women.  This is why Commanding Officers are oftentimes dismissed if it becomes known they are engaged in affairs, because they proved lack of discipline in not upholding their commitments; they oftentimes abused their co-workers and employers making excuses (lies) and therefore deceiving colleagues and staff.  Not always, but usually.  Not every single one of 'em, but most.  This is also why I was against the decision about a Lesbian who had an affair with a married 'str8-woman' that was in the news several years ago.  I consider it to be a situation of "aiding and abetting the perpetration of lying and cheating while in uniform."

We need protections from such peoples' behaviors as that.  They have their own unique problem-sets they chose.  They had a choice.  We did not.  They need their own forms of 'services' and their own forms of 'outreach' and their own forms of 'counseling' and their own forms of 'defense,' but whatever that may be, it's not us.  And they must stop hiding behind the GAY LABEL as their excuse, for every time there is such an incident, another hundred Gays and Lesbians are hated-out of equality.

Shalom and Amen.

Kind regards, always,
CLAYTON LEON WINTON citizen#C03183395
1818 E. 16th Ave., Spokane, WA  99203
(end: 09:20PDT)

(1st effort to correct typos and spelling-errors, begin Thu Shevat 16, 5775 08:41PDT)
(My opinion is that if anybody reads my quickly-typed, freely-expressed thoughts, I trust their education-level to be sufficient to figure-out typos/spelling-errors without judgements, for unlike others, I do not think faking 'perfect' by using computer-enhanced software proves intelligence at all, just how fake a person truly is.  Spell/typo 'corrections' complete at Thu Shevat 16, 5775 08:48PDT, total time: 7-mins; as for syntax, I didn't bother as same concept is applicable, as always)

A brief word about spelling:
1) I usually spell "monogamy" as "monogomy," because it does not include "game" at the end of it, as relationships are not "gamey" (wild) and/or have nothing to do with playing games except to the immature.  It's my personal preference.
2) I usually spell "lie" in the plural as "lieing", which is technically "incorrect."  It should be "lying," but when translated, it is transliterated as "to lay on the ground." A "lie" is an untruth, not a "nap."
3) Words that I do not think of, or use often, I misspell/mistype frequently.  For example, the word that sounds like "onohmonopia" is not one I type/say very often and as a result, I spell/type it a number of different ways.  The obvious intent is:  (if I can think of the correct spelling or find it somewhere) "anomateopia" ??  okay, wrong, I'll look it up.  Here:  on·o·mat·o·poe·ia

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Defending Spokane (Gender Wars)

Tue Shevat 14, 5775 18:19PDT

Dear 'powers-that-be' :
re: Spokane and attacks against Transgenders and Gays and anybody 'different' :

I grew up here in Spokane County; went to school here, graduated from U-High in Spokane (before there was such a thing as "the city of Spokane Valley," and live in Spokane (within city-limits today).  I've never hid in a closet-of-deception, cowering behind a woman, telling her and kids a bunch of lies, and then, when caught, claimed to be a "victim of my sexuality."  Those are not Gay-issues.  But we are all stereotyped as being that way, and all those involved in that behavior, their cheating and lieing, stirs-up alot of anger against us.  But we aren't doing those things.  We never did those things.  We were never involved in any of it.  Those are not Gay-issues.  Those are bi-sexual issues.  And even if those involved in it, 'settle' in some type of 'same-sex relationship,' even if they start calling themselves 'gay,' they are not.  They are still Bi-sexuals, just in a different 'stage' of a typical Bi-sexual lifestyle.

They need their own 'help,' their own 'services,' their own 'outreach' their own 'protections.'  It isn't us.  And rest assured, all the cheating and lieing they told 'straights,' were used to deceive we Gays, too.

Same with Lesbians.  There are more and more Bi-sexual woman, who divorced from a traditional family environment, then got involved in a same-sex relationship, and now claim they are the 'voice and face of what a 'lesbian' is.  That is false.  They are not.  They are still Bi-sexuals, just in a different 'stage' of the typical Bi-sexual Lifestyle.  It may be long-lasting.  It may not.

I mention all that, because Transgender people have their own issues, their own needs, their own unique sets of problems, their own cries of 'help,' which is not us (we Gays) either.  I don't pretend to understand what a Transgender is going through, anymore than that of a Bi-sexual man with children claiming to be a "victim of his sexuality."  To me, that man, after his closet-of-deception is stripped-away, after he (as it is said) "comes out," isn't "proving integrity," at all;  he's just proving he never had any.  Perhaps that's part of his/her 'healing,' I don't know.  They must define that themselves, between each individual and all the people they cheated and lied to.  I've never been in a sexual-relationship with a woman, so I cannot be expected to "identify" with a Bi-sexual's issues.

Transgendered people are all unique, and have their own individual existence.  The 'big argument' people make against them, is that the Transgender "hated themselves as one gender, therefore trained themselves to find "liberation" by becoming (wishing or choosing to be) another gender."  The whole world is grappling with that.  But one thing is certain, these are unique individuals with his/her own sets of unique problems.  Nobody is "walking in their shoes" except themselves.  It doesn't matter if someone thinks they are "choosing" or "manufacturing escapes or excuses", or think they were "born in the wrong body" or whatever, the fact remains that these individuals are not "assimilating" into society, are not getting a "fair shake" in some manner or another and they themselves struggle to define it.  That in itself is a "born-in to" situation, their "gender-dysphoria".  Like it or not.

We as a city and a society, especially the Gay and Lesbian community, are ill-equipped to handle it.  We don't need a million-dollar "study" to "job-security" a future-generation of college-grads, professionally-unionizing, "donating-back" to a particular political-entity (party) of the Legislative Branch for more, more, more money, resources, perks, benefits and raises, annually forevermore, at taxpayer-expense.  We don't need any more of it, and Spokane taxpayers can ill-afford it.

This society is producing many positive symptoms which are mis-diagnosed merely to become a political entities' "donation-base" of voters (organized vote-buying at the expense of all the other taxpayers).  That equation is old and tired and needs be retired.  It, as a social-paradigm, has never solved anything, or made anything "more efficient" nor "less expensive," only become an ever-growing bureaucracy, the 'target' of Credential Sales by predatory-educational institutions.

That said, we need to LISTEN.  It's really SIMPLE.  WE JUST NEED TO LISTEN.  We need to put aside the assumptions and all the pre-programmed soundbites and "reasonable-sounding" platitudes, and just listen.  We don't know how to 'help' these individuals and their unique problem-sets; they need to tell us, and we are not listening, instead, our attention is constantly mis-directed to Credential Sales, politicos, and religious diatribes (and they've had their say, over and over and over, eh?)

This latest attack against a Transgender, who is a "stranger in a strange land," and born-in to it no matter how one views it, isn't being solved by blaming everybody in the city or Police Department or anything else as being "insensitive" and "hateful."  But "slow to respond" to UNIQUE demographical issues?  Yes.  Guilty-as-charged.  Over and over, because profiting from atop the rubble, misery, confusion and grief is just "job-security" to institutions that sell credentials, to become a "union job" that collects "donations" to a political-entity (party) of the Legislative Branch for more, more, more, claiming how everything is now, "new, improved, cleaner, better, brighter, whiter, super-duper more-efficient, less-expensive," and honestly, nothing has ever been made less-expensive by it.  Ever.

We don't need another "statewide initiative," and we don't need another "national roundtable event" or "worldwide super-analysis."  We can figure it out.  Together.  We just forgot to shut up and listen, and I have 15 dead friends that I grew-up with right here that proves it.

Kind regards, always,
CLAYTON LEON WINTON citizen#C03183395
1818 E. 16th Ave., Spokane, WA  99203

(end: Tue Shevat 14, 5775 19:07PDT)

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Defending DataCorp

Sat Shevat 11, 5775 22:35PDT

Defending DataCorp

Dick Cheney introduced the Paperwork Reduction Act to eliminate redundant paperwork schemes.  We need a Data Reduction Act to accomplish the same goals.

Furthermore, what we have today, attacking governments throughout the world from the inside-out, is a Predatory Credentialing System.  That is a piece of legislation that funds credential-sales at taxpayer-expense.  What that is, is "job-security" for future-generations of college-grads, professionally unionizing, 'donating-back' to a particular political-entity (party) for more benefits, perks and raises, annually, at taxpayer-expense, profiting from atop rubble, confusion, misery and grief.

For example, our Healthcare and Justice systems:  To colleges, tech-schools or universities selling credentials, "success" to them is "all beds full," and, hopefully, there will be more and more beds to fill.  To everybody else in the world, "success" in terms of both healthcare and criminal-justice, is "all beds empty," because everybody is healed, peaceful and healthy.

As for toxic cleanup, it too has become a giant bureaucracy, professionally-unionized, profiting from more and more types of "spills" and "messes."  If there were truly fewer "spills," and/or all 'messes' were cleaned-up, they would be out of jobs.  Universities secure credential sales by growing government bureaucracies at taxpayer expense.

With that in mind, we must be forward-thinking when it comes to privacy and data security.  These are the "cream" of college, tech-school and university credential sales.  The data-systems built and designed and administered are all graduates of these credentialing programs.  What we have experienced for real, for everybody else, is greater VULNERABILITY for the individual citizen and growing LIABILITY for private industry and governments, worldwide.

Cyber-vandalism, data theft, identity theft, credit card fraud, transfer of child pornography, sell of weapons, chemicals, bio agents and human trafficking is "job-security" in terms of credential-sales to colleges, tech-schools and universities, to lure future-generations of college-grads into their credentialing programs, and upon graduating a "promise" their investment in a credential will be rewarded with a "good paying job."  But that is always the same:  job-security for those college grads, who professionally unionize, pool their 'donations' to a particular political-entity (party) of the Legislative Branch, always demanding more, more, more perks, benefits and annual raises.  As a result, VULNERABILITY increases with LIABILITY, and government can't keep up.

We need a DataCorp.  It should be administered by GayLandIs.  There will be no chance of blackmail or theft.  And for the years-of-service volunteered, the local will be in isolation, where the vounteers live and work.  There will be zero connectivity.  It will be a true archive.  GayLandIs is the only demographic, worldwide, capable of the unique pressures, and detachment from personal-relations, as there will be no families of children, no 'personal entanglements.'

The importance of that would take volumes to describe and would not cover the half of it.  Only the highest levels of discipline would be tolerated.  It needs not be yet another PhD-predator credential-salesjob.  On the contrary it's about defending all people and government(s) against exactly that.

Consider this:  I just watched a 'prophetic' episode of Star Trek original.  It was a trial of an Officer.  The 'witness' against the Officer was not a human, but a machine.  A computer.  The data indicated the human Officer was liable.

BODY CAMERAS and POLICEMAN are the topic, today.  The same situation WILL ARISE.  The Spokane Police Department, for example, under Frank Straub, is now migrating to BodyCams for all Officers.  Where and Who and How the data will be stored, and who and how the copies are differentiated from the originals in ARCHIVE is still an UNKNOWN, as it is throughout the United States, every city, every police force, every state, every country, Federal Law Enfrocement inclusive, and the Department of Defense, too.

We need this.  Yesterday.

Kind Regards, always,
CLAYTON LEON WINTON citizen#C03183395
1818 E. 16th Ave., Spokane, WA, 99203

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Defending Google -- WHY SHOULD GOOGLE CARE?

The internet company called, "Google," was started by a couple of kids, young guys, "20-somethings."  Their goal was to make money to buy 'stuff.'  Developing a mission statement that markets a service and an ideal was the challenge, as it is for all companies, and, proving it.  Is it just about making money to buy 'stuff,' or, to provide a service that is helpful to others at a reasonable cost, with a reasonable profit to live, well, reasonably?

Over the years, Google expanded, hiring thousands.  Every "new idea" became a "division" to add another product.  Was the new product or service to provide a better value for the customer, or to maximize their own 'phaaat-bottom' lines?

Most customers of Google are not the millions of end-users that use Google products, so writing about it makes it seem confusing.  A customer of Google is someone that buys or "rents" a "platform" from which to "pitch" their own products or services to end-users and other businesses.  The end-user is the guy sitting at home, that types "" into their internet browser, and then searches for something, a book, a word, an article about history or definition of pending legislation, etc.  

And there are many ways to make-use of Google Products, free for end-users.  Whle using calculators or spreadsheets or YouTube video-sharing or photo-album sharing or address books and so much more, the end-user allows other companies to "pitch" their products on-screen.  These may not be "plain 'ole" advertisements.  These are tiny "snippets" of something to "grab your attention," even for a moment, just-in-case it could be 'helpful' to you while doing whatever it is you are doing.  Pop-up ads are annoying and "block your path," therefore are disruptive, burdening end-users with "additional steps" and "functions" that have nothing to do with one's tasks, hindering your on-line experience.  Google strives to do better.

Blogger is a Google Product.  Anybody can freely-express themselves in an online blog, which is a 'journal' to write one's thoughts, to freely-express one's opinions or beliefs.  These blogs are "searchable" from the Google Product "search," so other people can find 'articles' about things of interest.  Are you into gardening?  Well, there are thousands who are.  Need "insight" into auto-mechanics?  Somebody had the same problem you have, and wrote a blog about it.  See how that works?

It's a valuable service.  And it's free, to anybody that wishes to make use of it.  It's paid for by Google's customers.  It's free to everybody, but Google's customers pay for it, by "renting" a space to "grab your attention" while using the free online service, in a non-disruptive way.  If you search for blog entries about gardening, a Google Customer bought space and time to also show you that they have a magazine about gardening you can subscribe to, or a handy-dandy gadget about gardening you may find useful at home, in your own garden, for example.

That's why the service is valuable.  That's why Google expanded into a broad range of Products, but it is the Google customer that pays for the convenience.  It's all free to end-users.

So, what if an end-user has a complaint?  They aren't paying for anything.  They aren't "out" anything, monetarily, if something free isn't "working properly" or didn't do what they thought it would do.  Should Google care?

If you were given a free pair of shoes, and they didn't fit, who are you going to complain to?  What exactly is the complaint?  Should Google care?  WHY SHOULD GOOGLE CARE?

I started a blog years ago.  Before starting my blog, I used pencil and paper, writing in a journal, spiral-bound note-books, etc.  I started doing this as a kid.  Before there was an internet, I was doing this on old BBS/EBBS systems, saving-to-disk.  It's about my own faith, see.  It doesn't matter the topic or the words used, it's about doing it, exercising free-expression.  In so doing, per my faith, one's "heart" is "clarified" by "sorting through" the many thoughts of every-day existence.  It's an ancient proverb, it comes from the Torah, and is applicable to all people, equally.

The blog I started online was on a website called, "Blogger."  At the time, it was not owned by Google, so it was not a Google Product.  I could, however, use Google Search to find my blog, or words or phrases in my blog that I had written about.  That was very helpful.  Did I use the word "Nephelium?"  I could find it in my many blog posts on Blogger, using Google Search.

Google bought Blogger, and moved my blogs from "blogger dot com" to "blogspot dot com."  Ever since, I cannot search for anything in my blogs.  Further, the title of one of my blogs on Blogger was "BrutalHonesty," and it was unique, and I could type the name into my web browser's address bar and see my blog.  Ever since Google bought Blogger, that is not the case, it takes me someone else's blog, called, "RandomThoughts," which has nothing to do with me, or my topics, or my faith.

Further, when I type in the web address of my blog, it re-directs me to "brutalhonesty2" instead of "BrutalHonesty dot blogger (now blogspot) dot com."  In other words, my freely-expressed words, as per my faith, are hidden-away, somewheres, and unsearchable, in an electronic "dark-cave." THE PIT.

Is it because of my faith?  Is it because of my sexual-orientation?  Is it because of my Disabled American status?


And this is where the 'arguments' go haywire and endless complicated "business models," memorized soundbites, reasonable-sounding platitudes, and text-book back-office jargon becomes a mindless droning-sound.  

I can imagine the "sales-pitch" to a customer of Googles, buying space and time, to promote their own products and services to the many free-users of Google's.  The Google marketing-rep may make a commission, and I can imagine he or she saying something like this:  "We have algorithms that determine, over time, which end-users actually buy products that are shown on their computer screens while using Google, to single-out the low-income, disabled, or, to be 'pc' , "non-buyer" , and by doing so, you won't have to waste your ad dollar on those that won't buy anything anyway."

I can imagine that, and a whole lot more.  National legislation and being dragged before Congress like Bill Gates and Microsoft, with a sizeable portion of future Google profits funding Legislators to victimize their next corporation.  PROVE ME WRONG, PLEASE!

Kind regards, always,

1818 E. 16th Ave., Spokane, WA 99203


Update: comments I put on my Facebook page:  GOOGLE, PLEASE PAY ATTENTION:
Sun Shevat 19, 18:42PDT

Clayton Winton I just saw on NBC Nightly News a report about a new app that identifies the location of Police Officers. The Los Angeles Police Chief has sent a letter to Google to object. THIS IS ALSO AN LGBT ISSUE, so pay attention: 

When you are in PUBLIC, and 
somebody IDENTIFIES you to others, that is giving-out your PERSONAL/PRIVATE info. That's how gay-bashings occur, and throughout history, that is how blacks were lynched; gays were beaten or killed; men, women and children raped, robbed or whatever. 

Now, the Civil Rights 'people' are saying it's a matter of "free speech." That a REGISTRY of "types of people" is about "free speech." That's what was said before rounding-up Gays and Jews and marching us to death camps.

You do not have a right to identify personal info about anybody in Public. You do not have a right to take private info and 'share it' with anybody. You only have the right to do such things about yourself, by yourself.

I am not only Defending Policemen here, but LGBT too.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Defending Jews ; Int'l Holocaust Remembrance Day

Fri Shevat 3, 2015

 -- for: International Holocaust Remembrance Day (The UN General Assembly designated January 27—the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau)


It is interesting, how Protestants always teach in bible studies how " ... the Jews always just argue(d) amongst themselves."  Even in Catholicism, there are several priesthoods of Judeo-Christian descent that still promote such things, in that way.

Let me clarify:   We are talking about time-periods and education.  Today, when it comes to vast topics, such as terrorism, the 'lay-person' is not privy to any knowledge that prevents it, therefore cannot make policy about it, nor argue any strategy to handle, say, ISIS or ISL.  Any effort in doing so, is devoid of real intel.  There is no knowledge of military capability, weaponry, supply, funding, international treaty law or anything else, only news-clips and magazine articles.  Only the experts can argue the case.

Likewise, during the time-period, long ago, there was no education, the "general public" being ignorant, incapable of reading and writing, no knowledge of law, monetary systems or forms of government.  Today, each topic is specialized, and requires a PhD to be regarded as an "expert" in any one particular field.  It takes a panel of such 'experts' to arrive at any agreements, or agree upon any course of action.

Therefore, which group of people, demographically, had the knowledge?  Who had the education to discuss theology?  Jews.

Further, in today's "pop-culture" lexicon, we mis-use the word "argument."  An "argument" is not a squabble, it is not a "disagreement."  An argument is one-side of a topic.  An individual formulates their "take" or opinion about a topic, based-upon their level of real-life experience, training, education, and anything 'new' (news) as it becomes available, updating their opinion in real-time.  The presentation of their opinion is their 'argument.'  Another person does the same.  The two discuss their arguments, civilly, with respect and dignity.  Perhaps they'll both update their opinions (arguments) and arrive at some form of agreement as to future presentation and acts.  That's the beauty of communication, of dialogue.

So, when the "christian" reads commentary about their "old" or "new" testaments (scriptures), and is told, "The Jews just argue amongst themselves," that does not imply they hatefully squabble nonstop.  It never meant that.  It's only pop-culture lexicon, colloquialism, ignorance within a so-called "educated society" that promotes that idea.

When doctors "argue amongst themselves" as to how to best handle the Ebola outbreak, there are no credible opinions (arguments) to be taken into consideration from 'laymen' (non medical-doctors and disease-control experts).

All the "old testament" came from, and is a translation (transliteration) of, the Torah, the first five books of Moses, Genesis, Exodus, Leveticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.  Then, all the other 'books' of "the prophets," and then, "the writings," which comprise the remainder of the "christian bible's." Old Testament.  It was a gift from scholarly Jews who were the only experts, therefore could only be, and were, and in many cases still are, the credible arguers of such topics.

See how that works?  It's simple.  And it was never intended to be "overly complicated."

Kind regards, always,

CLAYTON LEON WINTON  citizen#C03183395 קלייטון ליאון וינטון

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Defending Speaker Boehner II

Update: Thu Shevat 2, 5775 08:30PDT

On the news ticker this morning, on GMA, was a blurb about how the House Speaker, John Boehner breached protocol by inviting Israeli PM Netanyahu to address Congress.  I do not that that is correct.  The Speaker may invite anybody to address Congress.  As to whether or not all the 'chips' fall-in to place, and all the 'approvals' signed-off, etc., is another matter.  No singular individual can set the agenda of Congress, in other words.  Obviously.

 -- well, maybe terrorists.  Or, at least disrupt proceedings.

And the subtle promotion of PM Benjamin Netanyahu being somehow correlated with "terror" in a derogatory way, seems to be the agenda of many.  It's Palestinians and their supporters here and abroad, cheering with Iranians and Chechyns and Ugurs for the utter destruction of Russian, US'an, China's and Israel's governments, afterall, the EU inclusive.

It was similar forces that defeated Germany in WWI, then turned it over to a PhD cabal to rebuild it into a powerhouse of fascist militancy run by PhDs that attempted to overthrow the world just twenty years later; the German Citizen scapegoated.

I don't think the world is that complicated; just presented as "greatly complicated" for evil people to repeat the evils of history.  History never repeats itself, only evil people repeat evil deeds from history, against the rest of us, each and every individual an inherently unique and priceless life, their potential to pursue happiness and liberty according to their own Freewill, unless waylaid or circumvented by evil design.

I invited PM Netanyahu to address my country, my people, my world, my Legislative Branch within my government, as a citizen.  I have that right.  Thank you, Speaker Boehner, for extending my invitation to one of the most inspirational people in the world during my lifetime.

Did you know his picture on my list of Inspirational People on my Facebook page was defaced by cybervandals?  By haters?  Did you know, Speaker Boehner, that just because I displayed his picture, and the picture of Eva Lassman, Holocaust Survivor, that my Facebook page was attacked?  That my display of the TaNaKh on my Facebook page brought hatred against my person, my efforts, my pursuits of free expression and free speech and freedom to express in my own words my faith?

 -- they distorted my pics; they made my Inspirational People and my Book List, the TaNaKh, junk?  Did you know that?

 -- and when I expressed displeasure, was accussed of being "emotionally unstable"?  Did you know that?

It's shradenfraude, the "new, improved, cleaner, better, brighter, whiter, super-duper more efficient, less expensive" version, but the costs are the same:  incalculable.


Kind regards, always,
CLAYTON LEON WINTON citizen#C03183395


note:  Defending Speaker Boehner, Part-1, and Defending Shinseki, is found in my blog titled "BrutalHonesty" here on Google Blogger.

Monday, December 15, 2014

LDS PhDs EIT's Shradenfraude


Defending The CIA -- Addendum

To: U.N. Human Rights High Commissioner Zeid Raad al-Hussein; Chancellor Merkle; PM Netanyahu; President(s) Bush; President Obama; House Speaker Boehner

From: citizen#C03183395

LDS PhDs EIT's Shradenfraude

 -- see Defending Law Enforcement Part I and Part II (Defending the CIA).

again, LDS PhDs EIT's Shradenfraude.  Nothing less, nothing more.  This is what Senators bought with $80 Million U.S. tax-dollars.  Not President Bush, not VP Cheney, not George Tenet.  This is how Abu Ghraib began, and how the CLIMATE of EIT's instilled a KNOWN RANGE of OUTCOMES in Interrogators and Investigators and Guards and Troops.

 -- when Shradenfraude is employed, in any format, the CLIMATE CHANGE nets a RANGE of KNOWN RESULTS, and saying that "some Interrogators may have gone too far" is scapegoating.

The Admin could not have known, had no prior knowledge.  The LDS PhDs did know, and can sit-back and nitpick which manual was not worshiped 'properly' to blame anybody else.

I think it's commendable that the former Bush Admin defends it's people and is not looking for a scapegoat (unlike the current admin's tactics).  Unless future actions (per '94 agreement) analyze causes/forces and 'vectors' (see Part-II), extremism is promoted to the detriment of all government(s).

 -- further, it will sink a Jeb bid.

Kind regards.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Defending George Tenet, former CIA Director



Defending George Tenet, former CIA Director

Kislev 21, 5775 12:45PST

" ... we are being blackmailed ..." Rep. Nancy Pelosi
" ... anybody that knows me knows this is not my preferred way of doing business ..." Speaker Boehner

 re: $1.1 Trillion budget proposal en route to Senate, debated today (possibly)


I mention the above quotes because of CLIMATE.  Senators control budgets.  It was Senators that paid $80 Million dollars for LDS PhDs to write Methodologies and Techniques for "more persuasive interrogations ..."

 -- to instill a CLIMATE;
 -- to mold an ENVIRONMENT;
 -- to train Field Operatives, knowing fully-well the RANGE of OUTCOMES (being PhDs in psychology).
 -- and those outcomes, produced OBVIOUS RESULTS, the PhDs counted-on.  Why?


George Tenet signed-off on a Senate signed-sealed-and-delivered STUDY, giving PhDs broad-powers to instill a CLIMATE.

 -- the PhDs cannot escape personal-responsibility.
 -- nobody can dispute PhDs, not even George Tenet, and the Senators knew that damned-good and well, seeking their own scapegoat.

Look, it is a PROMISE there will be International Indictments.  The Human Rights head of the U.N. has already made known his intention to not 'let it rest.'  Let the LDS PhDs present their case to the world.  Let the whole world see exactly who/what they truly are.


Further, the CLIMATE from Spokane, Washington is steeped in the supremacist-think that produced these results, these 'credentials,' these 'personality types.'  It is where the funds came from for the supremacist movement(s), (now 'in the closet') in North Idaho.  Let Spokane take the figurative 'black-eye' and JUSTly deserved.  Decades of the 'same 'ole, same 'ole.  Enough is enough and then some.

 -- and I want my $7.9B to fix it, return the Inland Empire to the economic powerhouse it was intended to be.  Let us work.  Let us produce food for a billion, employ bio-tech to feed the world, prove compassion to a billion instead of 'the usual,' which has been molested into looking through lenses of ad hominem, pessimistically tunnel-vision focusing perceiving 'negatives' to hammer against one's merciless 'positive-cross-signs,' using points of hypocritical forked-tongues as nails, in the pathetic attempt at making one's self-out to 'look' or 'feel' super/supreme (root of supremacy throughout the world).  (mention it, they stick their noses in the air, figuratively, show you their backsides as they slither-away, censoring reality instead of celebrating true diversity which always begins with the diversity of thought/opinion).

See Defending Law Enforcement Part-I and Part-II (Defending the CIA).

There's a woman in Spokane that has modified bamboo.  It used to take 105-yrs to propagate, and now she can make it reproduce as many times a year as she wants.  This is paper-products, this is the future of forestry.  Our water resources could grow into commercial fisheries with modified salmon and feed the world, stimulate recreational industries and bio-sciences, inland-oceanography, TODAY.  Our geology is just right for gravity-fed transportation prototypes that require zero-resources after construction, leading the world to prosperity.

It's about the CLIMATE, and this one is truly HUMAN-dependent.

Shalom and Amen.

Clayton Leon Winton citizen#C03183395

Kind regards, always

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Defending The CIA ; Defending Law Enforcment Part-II


Kislev 15, 0843PST

Defending Law Enforcement:


As a teenager, I joined the National Forensics League, and went to State Championships for oratory, giving an 8-minute presentation, called, "Are You Driving a Coffin or a Car?"  It was about a Predatory Credentialing System, profiting from atop rubble, misery, confusion and grief.  It was a warning, that our finest companies and our governments were being attacked, assymetrically, and it would lead to tragedy and debt, deficits, bankruptcies and bailouts.  Those entrusted to 'fix it,' make careers claiming it, painting reasonable-sounding "puppies, kittens and rainbows" cartoonish spreadsheets, pie-charts, and overly complicated excuses, job-security for future generations of college grads, professionally-unionizing, 'donating-back' to a particular political 'entity' within the Legislative Branch for raises, perks and benefits, at taxpayer expense.

How does that work?

When Bill Clinton ran for President, his campaign slogan was, "More police!  More police!"  After winning the Presidency, 100,000 new cops were hired.  At first, the funds were federally guaranteed.  Legislation was later enacted into law to provide training, new equipment, prison supply, and automation of paperwork-systems.  Additional laws were passed to nitpick every-other lifestyle, product and job, and outlaw it.  That became 'job-security' for future generations of college-grads, professionally-unionizing, in a hierarchy of professional 'unions,' 'donating-back' to his political entity within the Legislative Branch, at taxpayer expense.

At the time, the average number of new laws was 1,000 per year, per state.  That's more 'job-security' for college-grads, at taxpayer expense.  But the funds were not there.  Municipalities, counties and states did not receive enough money from The State to cover enforcement, prosecution and the very complex "corrections-systems" that goes along with it, let alone hiring staff to push more paperwork as a "paper-trail" as to why the enforcement-action was pursued.  Local City Councils to County Commissioners were forced to raise taxes to cover the additional costs, offering 'job-security' to more 'future-generations' of college-grads at taxpayer expense, 'donating-back' to a particular political-entity of the Legislative Branch for raises, perks and benefits, annually.


After raising local tax-revenues, and being pressured by professional unions for raises, mercilessly, local governments were forced to beg for "relief" from State and National Legislators.  At the top of the hierarchy, Congress, then nitpicked every possible aspect of what a person reads, eats, sees, communicates, tastes, touches or smells, and imposed MANDATES to dictate "proper use of one's five-senses."  Word it any way you want, that was and is the end-result.  That's job-security for future-generations of college-grads, professionally unionized in a hierarchy of unionization,  'donating-back' to a particular political-entity of the Legislative Branch for more, more, more, endlessly.


Enforcement of all the nitpicking, all the 'offenses' concocted by one's eyes, ears and noses, has caused the cost of Law Enforcement to skyrocket.  For every cop, there is three to seven paperwork-pushers, making careers talking on phones and pushing buttons on computers, making more paperwork, not less, more.  For every page of paperwork, it's now somebody's career sitting in front of a computer 'work-station,' pushing buttons, nitpicking the dotting of 'i's and the crossing of 't's.  And for every 'offense,' a cop is blamed.  The stress on actual Law Enforcement Personnel leads to obvious symptoms, POSITIVE SYMPTOMS, of social-paradigms in distress.  That too, is "job-security" for future-generations of college-grads, professionally-unionizing, 'donating-back' to a particular political-entity of the Legislative Branch, living off the real Public Dole, the taxpayer, Common Man, sucking the lifeblood out of economy, one Drac (drop) at a time, accumulating trillions and trillions of dollars of debt.

As a teenager, my warning was in the billions.  Now, it's trillions.  And those of the Predatory Credentialing System itself, only listen to themselves, profiting from atop the confusion, rubble, misery and grief, just like I warned about so long ago.  There are not "fewer problems," there are more.  There are not "more opportunities," there are less, for Common Man, 'more' for Predators with Credentials, looking through the same lenses-of-ad-hominem to find a 'negative' to hammer against their merciless positive-cross-signs.  Remember "Education Reform?"  That was Bill Clinton's hallmark legislative work after the 100,000 "more police" chant.  What it really accomplished, after all the vacuous promises and pie-in-the-sky soundbites, was the gutting of Public Education, to remove all life-skill and job-skill training, replaced with detail-oriented 'tidbits' and memorized test-taking, so that post-PublicEd, the student must buy a certificate, a degree, a credential, to buy a JOB.


And all of that is taxpayer subsidized.  We now have a State Sponsored religious-extremist movement, chanting, " ... just believe."  We now have religionists claiming they are "scientists," and real scientists chanting, "just believe."  It's the Twilight Zone.  Higher Education has the highest drop-out rate in the history of any form of educational system.  Ever.  Anywhere.  They get paid anyway.  Even of the few they graduate, those grads don't even have to pay for it, the taxpayer is obligated, MANDATED to "guarantee" it.

Further, the entire Credentialing System itself, be it a 'public' or 'private' school, is tax-sheltered as a 'not-for-profit' organization, but always manages to establish Trust Funds unto themselves, accumulating wealth and assets greater than, and outpacing, any other form of business.  The first millionaires were educational institutions, as were the first billionaires and now the first trillionaires, 'powerhouses' of "coercive-actions" working against government(s) globally.  They hire their own.  They 'donate' (bribe) for 'protective laws' to favor " ... unto themselves" at the expense of Common Man and government, world economy itself suffers.  It's an artificial-environment, dumping it's toxic-waste into reality, stomping it's BigFoot carbon-footprint onto the backsides of CommonMan, blaming and shaming everybody else, and never taking personal-responsibility for any of it.


When I was a kid, Carl Sagan made the words, "billions and billions" a household phrase.  It was "mind expanding," the concept of "that much," a countless number, that if you were to count such vast amounts of anything, be it stars or dollars, a single-lifetime would not be long enough to say all the numbers.  Trillions and Trillions is even more vast, surpassing the 'lifetime' of countries and peoples.  Meanwhile, within the Predatory Credentialing System, such vast numbers are taught to be "normal" and "affordable."  It's neither.  A trillion dollars is the next generation's economic lifeblood, pre-spent.  We not only have trillions and trillions in outright debts, we have hundreds-of-trillions in obligations, 'working-hard' to spend multiple 'googles-of-dollars.'  Impossible money.  Completely unsustainable.  Interest payments are now hundreds-of-billions of dollars annually.  There's your real jobs, "up in smoke," regardless of what you really smoke.

Meanwhile, cops have been molested into Stormtrooping Extermination Squads.  We see it on the news every day.  We have just 3.5% of the world's population, and 25% of the world's prisoners.  Is that really "celebrating diversity"?  Or, just "job security" for future generations of college grads, 'unionizing' and 'donating' (bribing) a particular political-entity within the Legislative Branch for more, more, more, new taxes/debts?  The populace is de-sensitized to think it's "normal," and that the "offender" somehow "deserved it."  The cops take the blame.  The Troops take the blame.  The Predatory Credentialing System, that authorizes and oversights and funds every aspect of what is said, not said, read, not read, heard, not heard, trained or not, certified or not, taught or not, labeled or not, sold or not, and who/what has a JOB and who does not, and what is 'fixed' or not, escapes personal-responsibility for all of it.  Every time their economic 'bubble-cover' bursts, they concoct a war, a plague, a disaster, and the blood of Common Man's sons and daughters is spilled for real, while the same Economic Predators fake 'wounds' from the fake 'weapons' in fake 'attacks' from words.

One misspelled word, and their thoughts are derailed.  The message ignored, judgements made against the 'messenger.'  Any excuse to denigrate, to ignore real topics and real people.  Our enemies don't even have to bring weapons when they come here, just say a word.  Any word, and the 'credentialed' run away, all out-of-sorts, concocting 'offenses' from their gift of hearing, as an excuse to censor the world, and themselves, from an individual.  One misspelled word, that's all it takes, and they unconditionally hate.  One word-skip, one disjointed paragraph, and suddenly, our multi-trillion-dollar investment in education proves obsolete and deficient, as the 'credentials' run-and-hide, unable to process the data, their thoughts derailed.  DERAILED, as in, "back to the same 'ole, same 'ole," as if no attempt at communication from an outsider ever occurred, only a cartoon-character to hate identified, cast-out, denied equality.  And as they run-off, in their disgust for diversity (all diversity begins with the diversity of thought and the effort to communicate diverse thoughts), they ISOLATE, only talking amongst themselves, only associating with themselves, which is exactly what enemies hope for, because the next one knows to bring only one weapon and will inflict maximum casualties as a result.  It truly is a matter of NATIONAL SECURITY, as I've always said.

FUCK -- (just one word, and they censor the world from YOUR WORDS, proving unconditional hate and supremacy)

Similarly, think of this:  if a person is hired at a business to do something, and they do something illegal, they are fired, possibly prosecuted.  Since they deceived their employer, the company is not liable.  If a Priest does something illegal, the business is prosecuted, and every member punished with fines.  It's a double-standard.  The Priest deceived his church.  The church is not liable.  But a Predatory Credentialing System now has an "endless artery" of 'donations' unto themselves.  That's the money that would have fed the starving, that would have provided a warm blanket for the homeless, a coat for a needy child.  Now, it's job-security for future-generations of college-grads, professionally unionized, 'donating-back' to a particular political-entity of the Legislative Branch for perks, benefits and raises.  As though attacking the taxpayer wasn't enough, it's now attacked real donations to the needy, robbing offerings for the needy, directly from the donation-plates of church, monies stolen from all those without hardened-hearts whom freely-gave gifts for the needy.

 -- while teaching kids to worship theories as 'ultimate truths,' as excuses to hate people and human activity, chanting, " ... there's too many people," which is an endorsement of forced sterilization and extermination programs, a FINAL SOLUTION of DEPOPULATION, just like Hitler, only 're-branded,' "new and improved."  They worship ice, as "higher priority" than people, bowed before IceGods, ISIS grows, mutating into ISL and ISA ( " ... in Africa"; " Asia"; " ... in America, re-branded").  {Outlawing jobs and business by LDS D&C #88 [a Mormon scripture] is the same thing, never forget}.

LOOSE CIGARETTES and 'blue-dress' CIGARS in 'blue-wrappers'

Did you see Mayor de Blasio (New York City) on the news Sunday morning?  He's not defending cops, he's selling credentials for future-generations of taxpayer-subsidized college-grads to 'donate-back' to his political-entity within the Legislative Branch.  The next credential he wants taxpayer subsidized is "cop training" at taxpayer expense.  That would be more 'training' -- in an endless charade of 'training,' now, "how to fill cages with humans" as 'job-security' for unionized 'donors' to his political-entity within the Legislative Branch, claiming, " ... we know what's best for every one," with cops taking the blame, as usual, and re-brand all that as being, "new, improved, cleaner, better, brighter, whiter, super-duper, puppies, kittens, rainbows, cartoons, simpler, easier, less-complicated, less-expensive, more-efficient."  Have they ever made anything LESS EXPENSIVE?

Nope.  Not one thing.  Now, a cola or cup of coffee is "warning signs of drug-addiction."  It's "modified Sharia Law" aligning religious-extremism and selling it as 'normal.'  There is nothing "normal" about it.  One cup of "the dangerous addictive substance called 'caffeine'" is not "the gateway to heroin addiction."  And smoking cigarettes, a product that a billion people on the planet loves, is hated.  But those products, and the tax-revenues from it, pay teachers' salaries and fill potholes.  Outlawing such things is a direct attack against freewill, civil liberties, employees, the agricultural industry, economy and the governments entrusted to defend against it.

 -- with cops and troops "in the middle," as scapegoats, 'sacrificial lambs,' taking the blame.

And that's what happened in New York, a man hated, exterminated for his love of a product, a natural agricultural product, and the Mayor, de Blasio, is making excuses for more of it, not defending freewill, civil liberties, the agricultural industry, free-markets, economy or the people at all, just making excuses for more predatory MANDATES.  Either he is a product of 'payola' himself, obfuscating reality, or, living in an artificial environment, oblivious to reality.  "Can't have it both ways," is a common political slogan.  So, which is it?  Think about it.  The Predatory Credentialing System has outlawed half of economy and 'working-hard' (sic) at outlawing the other half.  Until that is addressed, nothing will be fixed, and more cops will be blamed, eventually to become outraged, goose-step in lock-step against the Predatory Credentialing System that pays them but hates them, WITH THE PEOPLE.


For hundreds of years, Blacks were slaves, forced to labor in tobacco fields, agricultural industry, for no pay.  Now, a Black man is executed for laboring to earn a wage to live.  Are you that blind?  Do you have eyes that do not see?  Ears that do not hear?  Are you "Driving a Coffin or a Country?"

Look, Higher Education has been molested into a Predatory Credentialing System, usurping dictatorial control over every aspect of pursuits of life, liberty and happiness.  It's leaderless, rudderless and completely out-of-control.  It hates freewill, the freewill to prove modesty by averting one's eyes; the freewill to prove decency by looking-away, or changing the channel, or station, buying or not buying a book or magazine or product, such as a simple, loose cigarette.  Who can afford the taxes on a pack, now?  The man was a Saint to the poor.

I forgive the cops, they are trained to worship the manuals of the Predatory Credentialing System as FalseGodsBeforeThee, bowed before the golden-cashcow-idols of Predatory Legislated Tyranny.  BE HEALED of it.

Shalom and Amen.

Kind regards, always,
CLAYTON LEON WINTON citizen#C03183395



Kislev 19, 0836PST

Defending Law Enforcement, The Intelligence Community:

Part II:  Senate Review of CIA Interrogation Techniques

Eighty million dollars is a whole lot of money.  It could renovate my Cathedral and Synogogue, build a KESHET ("kiss-it') House under the cathedral, a 'bridge' of peace between peoples; and there would be enough remaining to keep The Cafe open to seniors.  Know anything about The Cafe?  It's run by Meals-on-Wheels.  It's closing because there is no funding, donations down.

Meanwhile, 'donations' to Senators, at the top of the food-chain of our Predatory Credentialing System, are up; highest-levels in history.  It is Senators that solicited for a 'new, improved, cleaner, better, brighter, whiter, more-efficient, less-complicated, simpler, easier, less-expensive' version of intelligence-gathering.  All data is reviewed by Senators.  Behind closed-doors.  Just like the NSA, the 'needs' and 'wants' and 'desires' and 'purpose' of such agencies is pre-determined, by Senators.  All data compiled is reviewed by Senators.  All funding is provided by Senators.  All 'reforms' are designed by Senators, to 'distance' themselves, and compile a Black List of scapegoats to take-the-blame.

 -- so 'donations' are up.
 -- so they 'look-like' 'heroes'.

At the EXACT ROOT of it, is the struggles we face, not just as a country, but as a world, blurring the lines between Secularism, Sectarianism and Subsidiation, vast concepts, each.  Any 'intelligent-discussion' about the ROOT is derailed into squabbling over details within each concept.  Our Predatory Credentialing System ensures it, and, actually profits from atop the confusion, rubble, misery and grief.  Let me explain:

We are all born-in to the world, our 'environments,' and what we are told to think about the world is dependent upon not only socio-economics, but religious influences, an inherent xenophobia regardless of actual location, language, time, place, race, religion, 'social-standing' or education of parent(s) and so-called 'equal-opportunities' which may (or may not) be available to child.  As adults, much is taken for-granted, and reasonable-sounding platitudes memorized to gloss-over worldly struggles.  The Troubles in the United Kingdom, a period of religious militancy attempting to overthrow government(s), is a reflection of this.  But it's far more sophisticated, here, in the United States, and has 'shock-waves' throughout the world, all other governments affected.

Protestant Extremism in the United States is primarily covert, not overt; subtle, not blatant; maliscious, not benevolent; accepted, not rejected; it's militancy assymmetrical, not symmetrical (yet conforms to a symmetry of like-agendas).

We would still have outright slavery if not for Judaism(s), a 'peace-bridge' between the Jewish Faith and Catholicism, which always opposed slavery, embracing the values of equality and 'justice for all,' (not just a few), and, freewill, the sovereign right of the individual to choose their own destiny.

End-times or Last-day religious movements are the opposite; their goals, their faith itself, is about End of The World events, where they themselves must defend their 'church' or religious movement against government(s), telling themselves that those opposed to them are not possessed by the 'spirit of the lord,' but possessed of something ELSE, therefore must be killed, but it is not 'real murder' because the 'enemy' are not 'of god,' not 'real people.'  Their 'elders' teach the 'flocks' to 'walk softly,' to comply with current laws, rules and regulations, but be-in-waiting, for that 'phone call,' when they are to seize control.

The End-times religious movements are a powerhouse of lobbyists, devising and compiling their own tax-shelters, industries, hospitals, out-patient services, insurance funds and trust funds, maneuvering their own people into key positions within government, Law Enforcement, City Councils, County Commissioners, State and Federal Legislators, boards of directors and regents within the Predatory Credentialing System itself.  They have their own doctors and lawyers, favorable judges and someone, somewhere to call if they need 'help' in the promotion of their own agenda(s), in nearly every regulatory agency.

The 'weak spot' of every democracy is through it's Parliamentary (Legislative) Branch.  When a religious movement gets a following, and attracts 'investors,' the first thing they do is put one of their own in a Legislative position, and the entire 'flock' promotes it.  In this country, it seems 'normal,' and is considered to be 'normal,' but when the lines between separation of church and state are blurred, the country and it's peoples suffer.  When these movements pass laws to prohibit a product, or regulate a product or industry, for example, their own people are 'job-secured' from atop the regulatory and enforcement and 'corrections-systems' and take 'donations' from non-members to promote an agenda that is far beyond anything a 'donor' ever thought about.  Consequences include oppression of an entire demographic(s), education (reforms) that 'appear nice' on the surface, but cause more problems for a future generation, skyrocketing costs of enforcement and 'corrections' (prisons and security and all the paperwork-pushers), black-marketing of goods and services, censorships, double-standards, injustice, trillions and trillions of dollars in debts, and all of that benefits the 'end times' philosophical agenda promotors and their ultimate agenda of seizing control of government(s).

Further, those who were opposed to slavery from it's inception, Jews and Catholics and various governments, including the United Kingdom, Russia, Asiatic countries too, have joined-forces, unawares, with PORTIONS of the Protestant Extremist forces, via Legislative Branches, becoming manipulated into supporting a portion, only to become boxed-in, violating their own tenants in subtle ways, blurring the lines between Secularism, Sectarianism and Subsidiation ( a concept completely misunderstood and removed from Protestant credentialing).  That is most prevalent here in the United States.


The most blatant example of this is the concept of 'conservatism.'  Laws that inhibit Freewill are violations of conservatism.

 -- CONvictions aMASS CONvicts --

It is not a 'conservative value' to prohibit someone's Freewill to purchase a product, to choose for themselves if it's either a 'good-thing' or a 'bad-thing' for their own individual lifestyle/person.  It is a violation of conservative-values to prohibit a person's Freewill to prove modesty by averting one's eyes; it is a violation of conservative-values to prohibit a person's Freewill to prove decency by looking-away.  See, it is the individual's Human Right to not concoct 'offenses' from their gift of sight, as they modestly avoid staring, shaming, ridiculing, scorning, blaming the size, shape, color or deeds of another.  Look, there is no end-to-it; once the lines of conservatism are twisted into violating Freewill to dictate 'modesty' and 'decency,' then where is one's Freewill to choose not to bully, strong-arm, fight, extort, rape, rob or murder?  Freewill is the key.

The Protestant Extremist movement(s) blur the lines of conservatism, starting with slavery and culminating in dictating lifestyles, pursuits of life, liberty and happiness, claiming that 'modesty' is dictatorial MANdates against an individual's Freewill, denying a person the Freewill to prove modesty by averting their eyes, denying a person's Freewill to look-away; or, not buy a product, or change the channel, or turn-off the radio, etc., etc., etc.,

The END RESULT is a Legislative Branch run-amok, a Twilight Zone of legal precedents that has outlawed a significant portion of economy, concocted vast debts enforcing predatory fees, fines and 'corrective-actions,' securing 'job-security' for future-generations of college-grads 'donating' back to a particular political entity of the Legislative Branch to profit from atop the confusion, rubble, misery and grief, at taxpayer expense; by blurring the lines between Secularization, Sectarianism, Subsidiation, Freewill/Freedom, convictions and equality, an endless 'crusade-mentality' of 'positive-thinkers', pessimistically tunnel-vision focusing on perceiving 'negatives' to hammer against their merciless 'positive-cross-signs,' using the points of hypocritical forked-tongues as nails, in the pathetic attempt at making themselves-out to 'look' or 'feel' superior/supreme, demanding 'more equality' for themselves, but there is no such thing as 'more equality.'

Meanwhile, the other religious movements get boxed-in, supporting ELEMENTS of EXTREMISM unawares, in violation of their own theological teachings and mission statements, especially Subsidiation, at the long-term detriment of their own Churches and Synogogues, social-influences and their host-countries of operation.


For the astute, that should be obvious at this point, but I'll explain, briefly:

Firstly, the Central Intelligence Agency does not conduct Law Enforcement Operations within the United States; however, during gathering of intelligence, if it becomes aware of gross violations which could threaten the country or it's peoples, select information may be turned-over to Law Enforcement (who will conduct their own investigations, confirm and gather their own evidence, then, make arrest(s) and turn over said 'evidence' to a Prosecutor to bring charges against an individual(s)).  CIA personnel may 'monitor' the conduct of both civilians and officers, before, during and after said investigations, including undercover officers and 3rd-party contractor(s)/informants.  In many cases, the public would never have known about Civil Rights and/or Human Rights abuses had it not been for the CIA.  I want to make that profoundly clear.

Upon discharge from the military, after volunteering to serve their country, risking all in the process, Black men were given 'routine innoculations which were, in fact, infectious diseases.  The program started during what is commonly referred to as the "Great White Flight" (from inner-cities to suburbia).  This was not an 'isolated incident.'  It was not 'one bad-doctor.'  And it was not 'the military.'  But it was and still is 'the military' that takes the blame, unfairly.  It was not a 'bad pharmaceutical cabal,' or an 'evil CEO' either.  It was, and still is, 'job-security' for future-generations of college-grads, mostly white, professionally-unionizing, 'donating-back' to a particular political-entity of the Legislative Branch for perks, benefits, raises, profiting from atop the rubble, confusion, misery and grief.  The diseases, all STDs, bought billions of dollars worth of such 'job-security,' which is, bottom-line, CREDENTIAL SALES from a Predatory Credentialing System.

We would not know anything about it had it not been for the CIA to strive in stopping it.


 -- unfortunately, the 'side-effects' often overshadow the dedication of those in the CIA, as conspiracy-theories blame 'the military' or 'the government,' while the Predatory Credentialing System itself continues to profit, having a 'vested-interest' in such conspiracy-theory and superstition-promoting squabbles, all diversions from reality, which returns this essay back-to  "blurred-lines" between Secularism, Sectarianism and Subsidiation.

Neither Law Enforcment nor the Military choose their arsenals.  They do not 'arm themselves.'  They are given manuals to 'worship.'  They are trained by 'credentials' who were trained by a Predatory Credentialing System with an agenda all it's own.  Keep that in mind, always.

The nurse or Physician's Assistant or the Physician himself that administered the STD containing infectious disease to discharged men from the Military, was just doing his job.  He was 'born-in to it,' this system, just like everybody else.

 -- it was five PhDs, with peer-reviewed and signed-off reports, that spoon-fed Dan White's defense, that he was "under the influence" of 'junk-food' when he murdered the Mayor of San Francisco and City Supervisor Harvey Milk.  Such a 'simple explanation' was all 'the flocks' needed to overlook murder, to excuse assassination, chanting "see!  we told you so!  Those Gays are angry, irresponsible, hateful, violent!" , to provoke and antagonize an oppressed demographic, and profit from atop the rubble, confusion, misery and grief, 'job-security' for future-generations of college-grads, mostly 'straight,' professionally unionizing, in a hierarchical unionization-system, to a particular political-entity of the Legislative Branch, at tax-payer expense, promoting a Protestant Extremist agenda.  The individuals are born-in to it, unawares, just "going-along."  It all 'sounds-reasonable' from the 'environment' of which they are 'born-in-to.'

 -- ( ... it was Jews that stood-up for Gays before being targeted themselves by Nazis, all a devious-plot to antagonize Judaism(s) in the first place.  NEVER FORGET).
 -- ( ... it was Catholicism that monitored and observed 'yet another' persecution of monitories by a Protestant Extremist Movement.  NEVER FORGET).
 -- had they not, the world would only know the 'history' of 'victors' (protestant).  NEVER FORGET.

-- there used to be one guy in the office for every thousand men doing real work; now, we have three to seven (mostly women) in the office, for every man doing real work, actually building anything, repairing infrastructure or constructing new infrastructure.  Yes, there are a few women involved in actual production of products, but there is so much 'fluff' in products now, luxuries, that Practical Use and Modesty has been 'blurred' to the Extreme, out-pricing products, goods and services.  We need cars that can be hosed-out, especially utility vehicles and family cars; we do not need 'the office' under the windshield, 'entertainment centers' on the walls and dashboards; nor 'couch-potato' luxury upholstered seating to 'enjoy the movie/entertainment' of driving on-the-road; and we certainly do not need policies and laws blurring Practicality/Modesty with the Luxury of "maximum 'phaaat-bottom' line(s).  The End Results fuel the Predatory Credentialing System cycle, profiting atop rubble, misery, grief and confusion, massive debts, endless 'enforcements' and 'corrective-actions,' scapegoat-ism(s) while that system itself runs leaderless, rudderless and out-of-control to the detriment of Freewill/Freedom, world economy and government(s).

 -- meanwhile, the 'experts' are still squabbling about the 'meaning of Secularism(s)' or 'is' ... while the entire remainder of the universe slides-on-by, unnoticed.  See?  See it yet?

 -- -- while the debts accumulate;
 -- -- while the Seniors at The Cafe share in a LAST SUPPER;
 -- -- while the innocent await execution (see the guy released after 36-yrs for a crime he could never have committed?  The 'experts' claim it's 'proof' our system is 'working'!)

-- -- meanwhile, the 'experts' thoughts are derailed by one word, an 'offense' perceived via their gift of hearing or sight;
 -- -- meanwhile, the 'blurring' of Conservatism continues, while a TICKING TIME BOMB UNDER THE WHITE HOUSE gets closer to detonating;
 -- -- meanwhile, after concocting an 'offense' from the gift of vision, or one's ears or nose, more jobs are outlawed, more products prohibited, more fees and fines levied, more jails and prisons filled, more cops and troops blamed, and with each passing day, another domestic violence incident occurs, another office or mall shooting, another minority or economically depressed person is enticed into escapisms (alcohol, drug or sex abuse), felonized so they can't vote to change anything.
 -- -- meanwhile, as the 'blurring' of Conservatism perverts the Freewill of proving Modesty by averting one's eyes, molests the Freewill of proving decency by 'looking-away', or changing the channel, or not buying a book or magazine, or not frequenting a business, or not buying a product, those who always opposed Slavery are MANipulated and MANdated into supporting ELEMENTS of their own demise.

In our country, our world 'mission statement,' all people are equal, and justice is for all people, equally, in their pursuits of life, liberty and happiness.  Not a religious-movement's exclusive interpretation of that, but each individual determines their own destiny, nothing is dictated to inhibit their Freewill, their Lifestyle.  That is the EXACT ROOT of Christianity and all major religions: ' ... if god doesn't inhibit one's freewill, who are you to do so?"  When a country, a democracy is molested into a religious movement, be it dictating and mandating upholding beliefs in faith or beliefs in theories, social 'classes' separate, pitting group against group, and then war erupts.

TheoryWorship is the 'terminal cancer' of Financial systems and Governments.  Be healed of it.

We have a situation brewing, and it's been simmering for a long time.  It's the struggle between Secularism, Sectarianism and Subsidiation, and the manipulation of those forces to manipulate government into an End-Times resultant.  Look, there are many things about the Bush presidency that I disagreed with (and still do), but he understood this, and I love him for it.  Had he not mobilized against Terror, it is not just the current generation(s) that would have suffered, all future generations would have, and that most certainly would have jeopardized our country and most others.  It's not what occurs 'today,' and it's not the 'symptoms' affecting governments and people right now, it's cumulative, and growing exponentially, generation after generation, see.

No, these are not 'his words' nor the words of 'advisors.'  These are MY WORDS, freely-expressed, my faith, freely-expressed, my free-expression IN MY OWN WORDS, not somebody else's.

President Bush had a 'vision' that our country, our world, was in trouble, asymmetrically under attack, fomenting militancy which is, in itself, a diversion from what is 'simmering beneath' the 'surface.'  I agree.  There's more to it than just another religious fanatic taking-up arms against his country.  Much more.  The militancy is merely a symptom, a ruse and a diversion from the real cause and solution.

Again, I wrote the solution first and firstly.  This is merely the examination of the complaints.  I have always said, "the answers are always found in the complaints."  There was a period of time in the '80's when the 'corporate-world' was duped by the Predatory Credentialing System to set-up "suggestion boxes," and tell employees, "don't offer a complaint unless you provide the solution."  That is wrong and I was always against it.  Why?  Because one person hired to do one thing, can't possibly know "the solution" for an entire corporation.  It's censorship, in disguise, an excuse to keep the workers silent and blame them when things go wrong.

The intelligence he was given, President Bush that is, and that was provided to Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell and others of his Team, Don Rumsfeld and so many others included, was by 'experts' who are so specialized, they'll squabble over a word while the entire remainder of the 'building' burns to the ground around them, unnoticed.  Suddenly, there's a 'crisis,' one 'crisis' after another ...

 -- -- while descendants of slaves that built this country working in tobacco fields, are killed in public for selling to the poor, a single, loose cigarette today.
 -- -- while Seniors have their LAST SUPPER at The Cafe in Spokane, Washington, USA.
 -- -- while all the 'safeguards' and 'bureaucracies' are just 'job-security' for 'donors' to a political entity of the Legislative Branch;  'wheels within wheels within wheels,' spinning, consuming the most resources, stomping their BigFoot carbon-footprints on the backsides of overly-burdened Common Man.
 -- -- spending money, the future generations' wealth, today, talking about working instead of doing anything real; ridiculing and scorning the size, shape, color, looks and smells of those working, unconditionally unforgiving, and profiting from it.  "Offering children up to Moloch" comes to mind, (from the TANAKH).

Look, at President Obama's inaugeral  ceremony, we had the 'best of the best' celebrated live, on National TV, lip-syncing and miming to computer-enhanced and studio-engineered pre-recordings.  Fake performance by 'the masters,' Yo Yo Ma from Higher Education and Beyonce' from the Pop Music Establishment.  Meanwhile, those doing real performance, High School Marching Bands, were ignored, denigrated.

See, when Blacks were slaves, they had to innovate their work, and INVENTED numerous things that are still used today, "re-branded," but since they were slaves and it was illegal for them to own anything and illegal for them to be educated, Higher Educational systems took credit, and today, holds trillions in Trust Funds unto themselves, hiring themselves, usurping controls over every aspect of pursuits of life, liberty and happiness, public and private, via a Predatory Credentialing System and the 'weak-spot' of all democracies, Law Enforcement and Legislative/Parliamentarian systems.  These were 'religious-institutions' firstly, then, after establishing public funding, 'job-securing' their own in 'public institutions,' which are, in a sense, 'franchises' of the 'same 'ole,' same 'ole,' not 'alternatives' at all.

 -- professionally-unionizing and 'donating-back' to a political entity of the Legislative Branch for more, more, more ... endlessly.

To this, the Predatory Credentialing System, 'success' in terms of either Justice or Health and Welfare of We The People, is "all beds full," and make room for as many as possible.  That's "biblical bedlam" to everyone else, to real Conservatism, the opposite of equality and justice for all.  To everyone else, the real 'conservative,' 'success' in terms of justice and healthcare is "all beds empty," everybody is well, healthy; it's simple.

See how that works?  Starting to see the difference?  By 'blurring' Conservatism(s), by 'blurring' the lines between Secularism(s), Sectarianism(s) and Subsidiation, we get MORE ENEMIES, not less, MORE DIVIDES, not fewer, LESS FREEDOM, MORE TYRANNY, MORE DEBTS.

 -- incidentally, interest payments alone are now hundreds-of-billions annually, which is the money that could have paid for your child's education K-thru-PhD, and kept the Senior Cafe open, and so much more, including Public Works to keep people productive for real, not just talking and consuming resources pushing paperFAKEwork around about working, instead of doing any.

Is your gift of smell so insignificant that just one 'unpleasant odor' is worth raising taxes to send six cops to beat/strangle a man to death on a public sidewalk?  Take a knife, smite your own nose, problem solved!

 -- that would be Conservative, where the burden of 'living in the world' is on your shoulders, to prove your own version of 'modesty' and 'not burden others with unpleasant odors', as your Freewill choice of being a 'better example' of a 'healthy lifestyle,' or not;

 -- it is a Conservative Value that you prove modesty by averting your eyes, prove decency by looking-away, instead of staring, ridiculing, scorning, JUDGING and thereby burdening tax-payers and country by demanding/forcing or even voting for laws and MANdates that censors Press, censors the world from individuals' free-expressions, 'wardrobe-malfunctions' inclusive.  Had the fines been levied against the complainers, instead of the Press/broadcasters and Performers, real conservative-values would be proved.  If I were to take the current Twilight Zone of 'conservatism' to the extreme, I would censor from the Press, including Advertising, all use of kids to sell products, it's "pimping kids for profit," by YOUR DEFINITIONf (in my own words).  That's the TREND that YOU set by dictating 'modesty' and 'decency,' thereby blurring conservatism, secularism, sectarianism and Subsidiation, burdening taxpayer and country with ridiculous 'enforcements,' encroachments that disenfranchise, that is.

Back to Slave Inventions a moment:  it was the Protestant Extremist Movement and their Predatory Credentialing System that promoted the concept, subtly, that Blacks were "mimmickers," "trained monkeys," and were, " ... incapable of innovation, or doing anything original."  Louis Moreau Gottschalk is a prime example (Music Education).  He was, and is still, deemed to be a "mimmicker," a "trained monkey."  Frederick Chopin loved him.  Gottschalk was black, see.  Free-associations were discouraged in Protestant society.  A marvelous performer and composer, Louis Moreau Gottschalk was hated by Higher Education credentialing-systems and is still not credited. 

Likewise, Jazz is a Black Invention.  Higher Education 'detail-oriented' that free-expression into "intellectually fascinating" Music Theory Worship, and molested it into ugly and uglier, offering PhD-credentialing in Jazz Orchestration and Composition and Performance, 'white-washing' the realities of the music genre' itself.  Same with "modern music," extracting the beauty out of music, no beautiful melodies to hum or sing in the shower, just "fascinating noise," a mimmickery itself of past masterworks, turned into "rhythmic mimickery in organized sounds."  It's not 'real music,' it's organized-noise to intellectually fascinate-over.  It takes training to 'appreciate' it, at all.

Now, that same Predatory Credentialing System lofts a few Black Performers OnHigh, and the whole world watches as these performers mimmick live-performance, moving-around like programmed synchronized robots, free-expressions stifled, to computer-enhanced, digitally studio-engineered 'performance,' impossible human 'accomplishment,' see, therefore, inhuman.  That is why there are more and more musicians and performers today who have signed pledges to never do that in front of audiences, because it furthers the subtle denigration of People of Color and the Predatory Credentialing System that says, " ... just clap and smile politely, but see, it's just mimmickery, we told you so!" smirking all the way to the bank.

In real performance, live performance, the audience is very forgiving.  No performer is the exact same, day after day, night after night, each performance a unique setting with a unique audience and a unique 'feel.'  Sometimes the performer is ill, or injured, or tired, or troubled by personal issues, but just the fact all those unique people came to support them, is the beauty of them sharing their 'song' or 'story,' and the 'hardships' are pre-understood and pre-forgiven.  Now, the 'best of the best' is 'de-railed' by a single 'wrong note' or 'missed-step,' their own self-esteem so undermined as to inhibit and tragically derail their performance, unless faked, mimicked.  Just like the car that's been molested into an 'entertainment center, couch-potato and office on-wheels,' a singer need not be a union-programmed-robot.  It's just an excuse to force them to engage in mimickery so racists can say, "See!  Told ya' so!"

Meanwhile, the 'credentialed' make careers mimicking masterworks in 'fascinating, 'original' syncopated atonal sounds,' and molest entire music departments into that.  Music unites, only hate divides.  And there is nothing that sounds like 'fingernails on chalkboard' and thereby empty's seats faster, than atonal PhD 'fascinating' music.  Kids hate it.  Everybody hates it, except themselves, and it's taxpayer subsidized.  This started with racism, just to say, " ... they just mimmick, and can't possibly innovate, only we can."  NEVER FORGET.  It's experimental-music, best left in labs, not used against people as lab-rats.

The 'blurring' of Secularism, Sectarianism and Subsidiation is a direct threat to National Security.  It's subtle, and systemic.  The Agenda of Protestant Extremists is to promote End-Times superstition, portents and 'signs',' profiting from atop the rubble, misery and grief by a Predatory Credentialing System that is older than this country itself.  Further, 'linking-arms' with opponents in 'diversionary' and 'seemingly like' interests, has 'boxed-in' real Conservative Elements in-support of non-Subsidiation to the detriment of said opponent(s) over-time.  Those law suits are budding, and will bankrupt and destroy, one diocese after another.  I could endlessly speculate as to where it 'could lead,' but the common-denominator is: a 'special class' of 'equality' enslaving 'non-class' after a Final-Solution Depopulation event.

 -- all the End-Times religions/cults have a 'shared-value' in such an 'event.
 -- non-members, who only know the superstitions, are told the 'signs' and 'portents,' then say, " ... well, I guess it really is THE END, so I'll just 'help' it along a bit ..." and do terrible things.
 -- Judaism(s) is the faith that these events have already occurred, and it's through the gift of 'scripture-as-a-warning' NOT TO BE THAT WAY to prevent such suffrage from every occurring again, to preserve life and country unto eternity.  History does not "repeat itself," only evil people repeat evils of history. 

Freedom is exactly that, free; only hate is expensive.  All people are unique, including their unique experiences, treasures unto themselves, as are opinions, because of it.  Only YOU 'walk' in YOUR SHOES.  Only YOU feel YOUR PAIN.  All voices must be heard!

 -- (it is the free-expression of my faith, that motivates me to defend country and peoples, via MY WORDS, and why I do not take money or emoluments for it).

When Senators approve funds for a new Arsenal, be it a weapon or a Technique or Methodology, they know who and where and how;  who to fund in order to promote a certain agenda that 'conforms' to their own designs/goals.

By funding PhDs from an End Times Movement, such as LDS, whose members will have a pre-conceived notion of what is 'fair' and what is 'inhumane' based on their own unique 'walk through life,' knowing fully well the CULTURE of End Times Movements, we get very predictable results:

 -- 1) scapegoat;
 -- 2) tainted 'intel';
 -- 3) more ruthless interrogation techniques;
 -- 4) 'test' of the above mentioned 'blurred' lines.

The PhDs that devised the CIA Interrogation Techniques should be excommunicated, and the 'brethren' involved in 'advising, aiding, supporting, counseling, training, abetting or promoting' said methodologies and techniques, strongly admonished. 

The White House Team, under the Bush Administration, was misled, and the Field Operators turned into scapegoats of a Predatory Credentialing System, who would have been fired or disciplined or jailed had they not "just gone along."  It is not their fault.  Nor is it Bush's fault.  Further, it is inexcusable to paint all LDS members and/or their religion itself as being "THE PROBLEM," as they have proved throughout their tumultuous relationship with government(s) to work at problem-resolution better than most others.  These are indeed problems they are aware of, and are working hard to resolve.  All religious movements have their fanatics and extremists, and sometimes their own 'mainstream' moves in directions unintended.  But most importantly, as far as LDS are concerned, as an institution, there are 'inherent dangers' with the luxury (it is indeed a luxury) for any government to entertain as host, any End Times religious Movement.  The LDS leaders must come to terms with it, as it is their own women that are at greater-risk today, of being put in 'burkas' and 'hajibs,' blamed, scapegoated, denigrated, mostly at their places of employment and 'out shopping,' as a result.  Theologicaly, the Melchezidites are suspended for one year (I may rebless you after Passover Seder).  Laugh all you will.  This sad affair should never have happened.

Likewise, the CIA itself is not to be blamed or held accountable.  Just like Law Enforcement and the Military, they do not 'choose their arsenal,' their people must worship manuals pre-approved by PhDs, all peer-reviewed and signed-off, funded and oversighted by Senators, a 200-yr-old institution with it's figurative 'fingers' in every 'pocket.'  Reforms must be at that level, no other, or 'same ole,' same 'ole,' remains 'status quo.'

The issue is not what types of 'torture' are 'good' or 'bad.'  The issue is judicial counsel of governments, executives and peoples.  A case could be made that any form of 'persuasion,' be it gentle or forcibly, nets 'credible returns,' but it is only torture which discredits on so many levels. "Cruel and Unusual" is exactly that.  NEVER FORGET.  What 'shining example' shall we set in future?  "Maximized 'phaaat-bottom' line(s)" philosophies, the 'silver-lining,' is that it has only proved that MODESTY in everything is truly a virtue.

Shalom and Amen.

Kind regards, always,
CLAYTON LEON WINTON citizen#C03183395